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Jealous Art

Kelly Jealous

Originally from Philadelphia, PA - now living in St. Cloud, MN and Skagway, AK


I make custom punk vest and jackets. Studs, spikes, patches, hand-sewn logos and designs, each article is one of a kind and hand-made.  I also make stash boxes, tyedye tees, acrylic paintings & other artsy items.


I try to keep each item reasonably priced. Nobody I know wants to pay $300-$1,000 for punk rock gear. In fact, most people I know would rather make their own. If you can't do that, check out my stuff!


Follow me on Instagram @jealousart


Look for me in the Drive-By Art Show

3550 W ST. GERMAIN ST. CLOUD, 56301

jenna trutwin.jpeg



Hi my name is Jenna and I go by JT. I am a spunky and vivacious 24 year old and I have been experimenting with paint pouring for two years. I recently started mass producing for the art show. My dream is to someday rent or own a warehouse where I can lead classes for children and teenagers. My 3 biggest passions are painting, cooking, and planting. My favorite medium next to acrylic is watercolor! 


Look for me in the Drive-By Art Show

341  7th Ave S ST. CLOUD 56301

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