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art SHOW

A FREE Grass Roots City-Wide Event Featuring Local Artists

JUNE 12 2021

June 4, 2022

JUNE 12 2021

July 16, 2022

JUNE 12 2021

August 13, 2022

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June 4, 2022

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2022 Show Dates: 
August 13

Drive, bike or walk. 

Come enjoy art, music and live performances throughout the summer!

Follow the show for live video and updates on Facebook

A platform for artists to share their work with the public freely.


   I created this platform (Drive-By-Art Show)  summer of 2019 to provide artists a way to show their art and get their name out to the public for free while creating a traveling art experience for attendees. I discovered art while going through a painful 6-year withdrawal from topical
steroids/cortisone (TSW).  I wanted to share my art with others, but found roadblocks, rules and stipulations. “You can’t just decide to be an artist and show your art however you want,’’ I was told. Along with longtime partner, Craig Anderson we wanted to prove otherwise and think outside the box while creating a path for others with the same passion for art. I want to inspire other artists who have passion to create to be able to do so and share it freely without stipulations. My driving force is my mission to spread awareness of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) and to save others from going through it.

The Silent KAH

Drive-By Art Show Creator

My Story:

I am a local artist, activist, & FREE SPIRIT. My artist's name is  Silent Kah. I discovered art while going through a 6 year long horrific withdrawal process known as Topical Steroid Withdrawal (T.S.W.) for the treatment of eczema/atopic dermatitis. I was given topical steroids (corticosteroids/cortisone) lotions for 30 years of my life. T.S.W. caused 95% of my skin to fall off my body for 2 1/2 - 3 years straight. I am 6 years T.S.W. and I'm healing WITHOUT using the medical/ pharmaceutical industrial complex or any of its legal drugs including over the counter western medications (legal drugs). For more information on T.S.W. go to

Now that I can move, I'm sharing my art with everyone and inspiring others to do the same. I have also created other events including Deck the Poles and Scavenger Hunt.

My Message:

To bring T.S.W. into awareness, save as many as I can from EVER going through this and to let others know you are more powerful than you ever imagined.


My Mission:

To take my power back from systems/sources that no longer work for me. (political, mental, physical etc.) and cultivate the true power within. I want to help people understand they can thrive living their passion. You just need to know what that is, then share it with the world! Each and every human is unique and supposed to be here at this time to shine their light and share their gifts which will inspire others! Listen to the calling within yourself, if you can't hear it, your passion will lead the way.


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 August 13



102 East St. Germain Street


*Silent Kah* Creator of drive by art show

Mixed media

*Craig Anderson* Creator of drive by art show~ mixed media


*Marin's Mushrooms & Midnight Madness*

Crocheted mushrooms and summer tops


*Leigh Van Winkle*

Mixed media


*Carl Anderson*

 Miniature painted sculptures 


*Studio Hippy*

Mixed media 

*Josie McMullen*

Prints,Paintings,Drawings &more

*Carol Dickinson-Conners*

Mixed Media

*Wild Residence* LOCAL BAND

Anj &Tyler



*Dottee Schlag* (healing arts/herbs

Organic grown herbs in containers

Tea making w/medicinal properties of culinary herbs*Lemon grass*Oregano*Sweet Marjoram*Sweet Basil*Siam Queen Basil

TEA SHOTS*Organic grown Lemon Basil*Sweet Basil*Local Honey*Water from the aquifer in Duluth MN

*Amanda's Crystals* (healing arts)

Healing Arts-crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, bracelets & more

*Lisa Morales*

Independent Graphic Designer)of Drive-by art show/ other ventures

*Ivy Morales* age 8 Tie-dyed T-shirts w/ Drive by art show/ Silent Kah Logo

*Nora Morales* age 10

Acrylic painting

*Luxwana Wenzel*

visual sculpture, woodworking, mixed media





1614 14th AVE South

*Emily Hanson*

Painted glassware, beaded keychains, concrete artwork, painted furniture & MUCH MORE

*Sallie Benson*

Aprons, bowl cozies, acrylic paintings



1234 9TH Ave North

*De Ana Hartmann*

Acrylic Pours

*Molly Huss*

Anime Style Caricatures

*Johnathon Westman*

1729 2nd Street North

Sculptures-(bike & automotive related) Junk & other interesting things

*Aerial-Cirque Du Cloud* Jordon Groom*

334 21st Ave N

If anyone is looking to stop by for a casual introduction to Aerial Arts, some students and myself will have the rig out front to have mini performances for anyone that comes by, or just stop in to ask questions and hang with us as we perform and create abstracts on the side!

*Kroll Family*

1717 2ND ST N

mixed media sculpture


1608 5TH ST N

*Caron Lage*-textile Art

*Sarah Drake*-Copies of her book "Nanou's Promise"





Pick up a printed Map

at these locations:


Stretch Nutrition (9am-2pm
1346 15th Ave SE, St. Cloud, Mn 56304
Buddha Glass
40 14th Ave NE, St. Cloud, Mn 56304
River Station
1370 15th Ave SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304

Find participating artists on the map! This is a partial list. Some have chosen to simply participate

and not be listed. To be added click  HERE


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Thank you and welcome to The Silent KAH Drive-By Art Show!




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